As a dealer, some coins come across your desk that make you wish you were a collector again.  This is one of them.   Only a few hundred known in all grades, the 1863 Philadelphia issue is eclipsed on by the 1862 in overall rarity, in some part due to a group found in the S.S. Central America.


While the romance of a shipwreck coin is alluring, and the coins from that source tend to be high grade, a very strong case can be made for a collector to seek out a piece like this that likely circulated in the East during the height of the war and has stories to tell.    A coin like this is pure Americana in an affordable grade for many more collectors than one of the shipwreck pieces.


This piece has pleasing color and is remarkably missing any large distracting hits given the wear.  A real opportunity for a cool acquisition.

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