1837 10c PCGS PF65 CAC


It is always my pleasure to be able to offer a true rarity for my customers.  1837 no starts dimes are a must have coin for those working a proof type set.  Fortunately, there are a handful of survivors to choose from an original mintage of 30 coins.


PCGS estimates two dozen survivors based on population reports that I believe contain many resubmissions and duplicates.  That number seems a little high to me based on auction results over the past years, but the entire population numbers are likely immaterial.  My research shows that there are really only 6 coins that are in the condition census discussion, and only three of those are CAC’d.  My census below:

  1. NGC PF67: Goldberg 2007, 97K
  2. PCGS PF65 CAC: Heritage 2014, 41.1K, Ex. Gardner (the piece offered here)
  3. NGC PF66:  Heritage 2019, 45.6K & Heritage 2017, 40K
  4. PCGS PF65 CAC: Heritage 2015, 30.5K
  5. NGC PF66 Cameo: Heritage 2012, 38.2K & Heritage 2007, 54.6K, Ex. Kaufman
  6. PCGS PF65: Heritage 2007, 35.7K & StacksBowers 2017, 28.2K, Ex Pogue

The NGC 67 piece, as far as I can tell has not resurfaced since the 2007 auction.  If you recall this was a time when high grade NGC proofs went for extreme prices despite poor mirrors and deep toning.   I am unsure of its true ranking in the census, but it felt overly biased to rank it anything other than #1 based on the grade and auction results.   Of the remaining five pieces, I am certain however that the Gardner piece here represents the best of the rest and could possibly be superior to the NGC 67.  I would love to see the two specimens side by side one day.


The coin being offered is bright with superior and hard mirrors that are unimpeded by light to moderate toning on both obverse and reverse that unfolds in a very pleasing manner.  A fantastic opportunity for fans of early American coinage!


CAC has stickered a total of 9 in all grades, the highest being 3 in PF65.  Of the three CAC, this is clearly the finest, head and shoulders above the Pogue coin, which is unattractive and dark.

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