Never Trust a Skinny Chef

Many dealers consider coin collecting while dealing to be taboo.   In general, so do I.  Nice coins, when stringent standards and uniform look are applied, no matter what the grade or series, range from challenging to nearly impossible to locate.  Given the frequency of acquisition of these choice pieces, collectors need to know that a dealer will be working hard to do what dealers are supposed to do, which is to serve as the collector’s eyes and ears on the bourse and at auctions.   Dealers in competition with their buyers don’t last long, and those that do manage to survive, rarely develop good quality relationships with their clients as it is very difficult to be rowing together in the same direction.

The above statement notwithstanding, I’m often surprised at shows or other numismatic functions when dealers express feelings that range from lack of interest in collecting to apathy for the hobby and their clients.

I generally keep my mouth shut during these encounters, but I am often left scratching my head wondering how a really cool coin doesn’t make dealers’ and collectors’ hearts alike skip a beat or two.  This is especially true when I come across a truly amazing piece that is literally perfect for the grade and series.

At Silicon Valley Coins, I am certain that I get just as excited hunting and finding that perfect coin for my clients as I do when I add the rare Swiss coin to my set.  I call this feeling the “vicarious hunt high”.  Being able to pick up the phone and inform a collector that we harpooned a white whale is something that I live for and keeps me searching diligently.

I have been lucky to enough in my numismatic career to be counseled and trained by some of the great dealers of the past half a century.  During a phone conversation with one of them the other day, we were excitedly talking about the market and a recent purchase and he remarked at how much fun he was still having playing “treasure hunt” after 6+ decades.  That is passion, and in the absence of passion, every buy and sell is merely transactional.



So, if you are looking to start or finish a special set of coins with someone who is going to advise patience, apply an exacting eye and genuinely celebrate collection milestones and numismatic success as your dedicated partner, give me a call and let’s get to work building something remarkable together!








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