How do I order a coin?

The best way is to call or text me at 650.542.9595. I also check email multiple times per day and pay particularly close attention after listing new purchases. My email is You can send me an email direct or go through the inventory page by clicking on "Contact John". Finally, I am a long time member of the PCGS message boards and can be contacted under the handle, "coinlieutenant".

How do I pay?

I accept check, money order and cash as payment for coins. New clients without references will generally have to wait for their check to clear my bank prior to shipping. I do accept paypal in certain instances and is available upon inquiry.

What is your return policy?

If you wish to return an item, send me an email or call me directly. Any item can be returned within 7 days of receipt. Simply mail back the coin with the invoice. My goal is for you to be happy with your coins and to acquire pieces that you are committed to owning for the long run. Neither patience nor scrutiny is criticized.

How do you ship your coins?

I can ship coins a variety of methods, but I only ship when a signature of receipt can be obtained. USPS registered mail, certified mail and Express are my preferred mechanisms.

Do you buy coins too?

Of course! I am always on the hunt for coins for my clients. I have a strong buyer base that is actively looking for a wide range of numismatics and buying is the best way to provide them with opportunities. Given that my overhead is low you will find that my buy prices are significantly higher than most other dealers across a broad range of the market.

Will you take and service my want list?

Without a doubt. If you have specific coins you are looking for, I do have a database that keeps track of this data carefully. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley and the tech industry, customer relationship management (CRM) is critical and I am a big believer of how data science is helping to revolutionize all aspects of our lives, including our common hobby!

How do I know how much my coins are worth?

This is always a difficult question to answer without seeing your coins in hand. Anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to rip you off. If you wish to have your collection or inheritance appraised, simply call and email so we can arrange a free appraisal.

What are your thoughts on the coin market?

Since the market and the economy are dynamic, the best place to see my thoughts are by reading my blog. There you can find information about shows, travels, new deals and how I think technology is affecting the coin market. If you find my writing insightful, I ask that you share my blog via facebook, twitter or whatever social media platform you prefer with your fellow collectors.

Do you wholesale coins?

Of the coins I purchase, only about 3-5% make it to my inventory. Of those, only a certain percentage are worthy of full processing. This includes taking pictures and writing a detailed description. This takes a fair amount of time and effort. The remainder are comprised of cool, popular and desirable collector coins but if fully processed would result in the coins being priced out of a range that I think is fair in the the new technological age of collecting. Coins that fall in this category are available by request in the form of a wholesale list. Most basically put, they are subject to the same level of scrutiny and quality, but in bulk lots in a wholesale fashion. If you are interested in receiving a periodic wholesale list, please contact me at

Do you accept trades?

Yes, on a case by case basis.

Can you represent me at auction?

In this market and environment, having someone with eyes on target and holding a coin in hand is without a doubt required to make sure that you are being competitive in your bid and a good steward of your finances. I generally charge 5% for this service and fervently believe that it is worth every penny.

Can I put a coin on layaway?

While not my preferred method of selling coins, I understand that sometimes a coin is just out of reach if time is taken into account. Terms of layaways are variable. If necessary, please inquire.